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Since 1971, A-1 Record Finders has been locating vinyl records for music producers, collectors, and the general public around the world. We carry over 150,000, out-of-print vinyl records and albums, (no tapes or CDs) in our warehouse. Our inventory also includes 150,000 45 RPM singles.  binary options demo accounts
Our catalog is not yet in an online database, but we'll be glad to search our vinyl records inventory at your request. The search is free, and there is no obligation to make a purchase. You can have us perform a search for you by filling out the online search form, or by contacting us directly.

You can request searches for as many vinyl records as you wish by sending us your want list. (Please do not send separate requests for each item, however. All that e-mail just slows down our search!) All categories and all speeds are fair game but our specialty is soundtracks, shows, and items of related interest. Vinyl records are expertly graded and sold with a satisfaction, money-back guarantee.

Contact us in Burbank, California, for help finding vinyl records of movie soundtracks, Broadway Shows, personalities and items of related interest. We deal only in vinyl records. demo binary option